Satin Hair 7 ST710 straightener with IONTEC technology.

Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC straightener. Precision styling with shine and smoothness, With active ions.


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IONTEC: Infuse your hair with ions, strand by strand.

With every stroke, millions of active ions combat the static conventional straighteners can produce. It aligns hair better and smoothes the surface for less frizz and visibly more shine.


Advanced temperature control display

For 15 temperature settings and 100% styling precision. Choose exact temperatures proven for healthy styling.

Easy to read LED display puts you in control

Floating plate

Makes styling faster and results more even.

Floating plate

100% ceramic Nanoglide plates

Glide 3x better for faster styling and less damage.

100% ceramic eloxal

Temperature boost button

For precise styling of difficult hair.

Temperature boost button

Cool tip

For safe handling and easy styling. Great for waves and curls.

Cool tip


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Temperature range


Heat up time

40 sec.

Temperature memory function

Auto shut off

Cable 2m